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CAPCS Teachers Are the Best!

This is Teacher Appreciation Week and no teachers deserve thanks and appreciation more than CAPCS teachers, particularly this year. They are smart, creative, skilled, dedicated, professional, compassionate, and tireless in their support of children and the CAPCS mission. They know that what they are giving their students are the tools and attitudes that will largely determine their success in life. CAPCS teachers are supportive colleagues, sharing their hard-won and battle-tested lessons from the classroom, as well as their joys and frustrations. They laugh together, cry together, and work together. This has been a particularly challenging year, filled with uncertainty. With CAPCS closing its doors on June 30, it takes very special people to keep focused on the children to see that they experience a successful school year, despite all the turmoil. They deserve it. And CAPCS teachers deserve a big shout out. They’re the best and we wish them every success.

Poetry and Pizza…..Perfect

Amos 1 students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grades recently explored the magic of poetry in a language arts unit. Students came up with their own poetic images by celebrating with poetry and pizza in the park.

Pennies Make It Count

CAPCS has once again responded generously to the annual Pennies for Patients campaign, raising $4,131.61 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to aid those battling these diseases. Amos 1 contributed $1,541.02, Amos 2 $893.39, and Amos 5 $1,697.20. Pizza parties will be held in May for the following classes which raised the most money:

Amos 1- Ms. Dennis (PreK-4) & Mrs. Chihuan (K)
Amos 2 - Ms. Moore & Ms. Hayman (PreK-4)
Amos 5 - Mrs. Sanders (PreK-3) & Mrs. Turner (PreK-3)

Big thanks to Rachelle Roberts and to the campus coordinators, Selvin Bonilla, Amos 1; Daniele McMullen, Amos 2; Shirley Toussaint, Amos 5 for organizing this year’s highly successful campaign.

Important Message from OSSE

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) inadvertently released some student data information in response to a Freedom of Information request. OSSE has taken steps to protect the student data as described in a letter to parents. Click here to read OSSE’s letter. For further information, you can email OSSE at

CAPCS Is Live on Facebook

CAPCS has launched its Facebook page and we hope you’ll “like” us and visit it often. We’re letting the world know about all the great things that are happening at our schools, what’s coming up and any breaking news such as school closures. Encourage your family and friends to become part of our Facebook community. Click here to go to the page or look for the Facebook icon elsewhere on this page or on the campus pages. Let’s see how many people we can get to “like “us.

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